We’ve ‘Cycled To Kolkata’!

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We’ve ‘Cycled To Kolkata’!

A huge thank you and well done to everyone who has taken part in our virtual cycle ride to Kolkata – to those who have cycled and those who have sponsored. We have collectively cycled over 6200 miles and have raised a massive £4280.

We launched the project on Friday 14th March when Khushi The Cow kick-started the project by cycling the first mile of our virtual bike ride with MP Hugh Robertson (Minister for the 2012 Olympic Games). We celebrated the end of our Cycle to Kolkata on Saturday 6th September. A team of riders cycled from Margate to Faversham to make up the last few miles. They arrived in Faversham Town Centre to be greeted by Khushi The Cow and the local press.

In all there were more than twenty regular riders who covered the distance, some contributing significant mileage, others doing their bit. Progress was monitored on the Cycle To Kolkata Dashboard, which also has a breakdown of what some of our riders achieved on the leaderboard.

Thanks again to everyone who helped us complete this fundraising challenge. The money raised through Cycle to Kolkata has been put towards the cost of a new school bus for the GNCEM mobile school. This means GCNEM can continue to transport the street children to school safely.

A few photos of our cyclists out and about will appear here shortly.