Cycle To Kolkata Dashboard

Name Location Distance
Mark Grainger Kent 1000 miles
Rosemary and Anthony Fletcher Kent 792 miles
Steve Palmer Faversham 699.52 miles
Kevin Martin Faversham 534 miles
Alastair Gould Kent 428 miles
Hugh and Thomas Matthews Faversham 327 miles
Ian and Carrie Rule Faversham 286 miles
Alistair Martin Faversham 86.6 miles
Sheila Harries United Kingdom 100 miles
Judith and Nathan Wenban Gravesend 66 miles
Kate Martin Faversham 14.6 miles
Helena Martin Faversham 9.5 miles
Julia Martin Faversham 6 miles
Thomas Palmer Grand Cayman 5.72 miles
Hugh Robertson MP Faversham 0.5 mile
Khushi Cow Faversham 0.5 mile

Some riders are not shown on the leaderboard at their request

Last updated: Wednesday 3 September
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