Happy 5th Birthday, Khushi!

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Happy 5th Birthday, Khushi!

Khushi Feet has now been supporting the education of street children in Kolkata for 5 years!

To celebrate our anniversary we threw a big party on Sunday 15th April at Faversham Activity Centre for 100 local children. Khushi Feet’s 5th Birthday Party was a fantastically fun afternoon, which involved bouncy castles, adventure play, hot dogs and cake. The children particularly enjoyed interacting with our charity mascot, Khushi the Cow.

The highlight of the party was having ‘Pirate Gem’ from CBeebies’ Swashbuckle lead an exciting interactive session. Gemma Hunt was absolutely brilliant and wonderfully supportive of the event. A big thank you to Gemma, the staff at Faversham Gym Club and the hard-working Khushi volunteers who helped make our 5th Birthday Party such a success. And thanks, too, to all the children who came to join in the fun.

‘Khushi’ is the Bengali word for ‘happy’ so it was apt that everyone left the party with a smile on their face. This is Khushi Feet’s ethos: having fun while doing something to help make a life better for some of the poorest people in the world.

It was incredibly touching to hear that some of the children at our event on Sunday understood what Khushi Feet is all about. One five-year-old lad gave us an envelope with money from his own money box and told us it was “to help children who have nothing”. In total the event raised around £1,000. All this money will be sent to the GNCEM street schools we support in Kolkata and will be spent on equipment and resources for the street children’s schools.

Since gaining registered charity status in 2013, Khushi Feet has been supported by a great number of people. Thanks to that support, we have raised an astonishing amount of money . . . and we have no intention of stopping our fundraising any time soon!