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Here at Khushi Feet, we love it when people show their support for our cause and get enthused to do something to help us raise money to improve the lives of street children in Kolkata.

Recently, we have been completely blown away by the fundraising efforts of some of our supporters in the USA.

In New Jersey on Saturday 6th May, the ‘Monpanshi’ concert was held. The event, organised by Shrabani Nandi, was described as a “small humble effort to be the change we wish to see in the world”. That “small, humble effort” raised an astonishing $6,500 (with more donations still to come). That’s over £4,800 for Khushi Feet! Which is over 410,000 Indian rupees for the street schools in Kolkata!

“I am so happy. I never thought we could raise this much,” says Shrabani. “That day was full of events in New Jersey, but still people showed their love and support. We had a very successful event.” Shrabani has a message to all those who attended the event and made generous donations: “I am really overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from you all. I don’t know where I’d be without it. You guys have lifted me up. Thank you. Love to you all.”

The vibrant and exciting Indian-inspired event included dance performances from RDM (Rhythms of Dance & Music) students (directed by Mitra Purkayastha) and musical performances from Aakash Deep (a signed vocalist of Time Music India). Aakash extends his thanks to Shrabani for pulling the concert together. “A very special thanks to Ms Shrabani Nandi for managing and executing the event so wonderfully. And of course from Mitra and the RDM students who added many colours to the palette of ‘Monpanshi’. Thank you once again. Your support truly helped the cause!”

And this isn’t the first event these guys have organised to support Khushi Feet. In 2015, Aakash Deep’s ‘Antorer Antoraley’ concert raised $3602 for Khushi Feet and personally went out to visit the GNCEM street schools in Kolkata to hand over the cheque.

Once again, we are incredibly overwhelmed by the fundraising of Shrabani and her team. When we expressed our gratitude to her, her response was this: “I am really happy and honoured to be a part of your great cause. Honestly, you inspire me to be a better person. I literally got inspired by Khushi Feet’s work.”

Well, things have come full circle now, and Shrabani is inspiring us! If she’s inspired you to do something to raise some money for Khushi Feet, please get in touch. However big or small, simple or off-the-wall your fundraising idea is, go for it! Being part of Khushi Feet and doing something which will help change the lives of some of the poorest children in the world is incredibly rewarding and actually, it’s great fun too! We can guarantee it’ll make you feel ‘khushi’.