Day Fourteen – Indian Museum & Packing for Home

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Day Fourteen – Indian Museum & Packing for Home

By Stefano

Today is our last day in Kolkata, this has resulted in us not doing all that much and stirring up many mixed thoughts and emotions.

All just about fit and healthy, if not very tired, we went for coffee at about mid morning in a café called 8th Day, which supports women trapped in Kolkata’s sex trade. It was a strangely western café for a side street of Kolkata but all the same very nice. Then we came back to where we have been staying and did some packing. After lunch we went off to The Indian Museum, a rather strange museum in that one of the exhibits was was made out of plywood and yet claimed to be the Rosetta Stone. It also included some dead animals which had a sign to tell us that they were “some animals that lived a long time ago” – very helpful! Even more helpful was when they stopped the translation of the information in the middle of a sentence because they couldn’t fit it in – we found these quirks very entertaining!

Then we went straight to Fire and Ice – an Italian restaurant – for a last team meal which wasn’t curried!

All in all an incredible two weeks and a very nice final day.

EPILOGUE: As the team is flying home tomorrow, this will be the last daily blog post, so thanks for reading and following our trip to Kolkata. It’s been amazing and challenging; heartbreaking and joyful all at the same time. As we said at the beginning, this trip has been a life changing experience for the team members which has moulded them into young people who are eager to make a difference in our world.