Day One – Take Off!

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Day One – Take Off!

By Emily

If you’ve found yourself reading this blog, hello! I expect you’re reading because you support the work of Khushi Feet, or because you are somehow connected to someone going on this trip. But just in case you’ve stumbled across this blog completely by accident, let me fill you in on what it’s all about…

Five years ago, I packed up a suitcase, got on a plane and went on a trip to Kolkata in India. In Kolkata, I was privileged enough to visit some truly inspiring projects. One of those projects was an organisation called GNCEM which runs schools for street children. I was so struck by what these schools were striving to achieve and I could clearly see how a street child’s poverty and illiteracy could be overcome with a good education. I wanted to do something to help…

And so Khushi Feet was born – a UK-based charity raising money and awareness for the street schools in Kolkata. Since 2012, Khushi Feet has raised more than £50,000. That money has bought the street schools a new school bus, helped furnish and repair schools buildings, provided food, sanitary productions and educational resources for the children, and much more!

Now, in 2016, Khushi Feet is going out to Kolkata with an awesome group of young people who will be visiting the street schools and will have the opportunity to see that impact Khushi Feet fundraising has made. This will undoubtedly be life-changing for the group. Life-changing is an overused term which I think has lost some of the force of its meaning. But in this case, I mean it in the fullest sense.

This blog is our means of sharing this experience with you. For the next two weeks, a different team member will be sharing their experiences of what we get up to each day. It’ll be an exciting, challenging and stimulating adventure and we can’t wait to get started. Tomorrow you’ll be able to read the group’s first impressions of Kolkata. But for now, we’ve got a plane to catch. We hope you’ll join us for the ride.

Welcome on board!