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Meet The Team

We are very excited to be taking a fantastic group of young adults to India to visit the wonderful city of Kolkata this summer!

You can read about the progress of the trip in the Kolkata 2016 Blog.

Whilst they are there, they will have the opportunity to see how Khushi Feet fundraising has been supporting the education of street children, experiencing first-hand the incredible dedication of those who work with the children.

It will be a challenging, life changing experience for these young people. Their experiences on this trip will give them a better understanding of other cultures and make them more aware of those who are considerably less fortunate than themselves.

Khushi Feet was founded as the result of a trip just like this in 2011. Just think what this trip could lead to!

Introducing the Khushi Feet Kolkata Team 2016 . . .

BethanyBethany Murray (21)

“For me, this trip is a chance to serve people in need and immerse myself in an entirely new culture which I hope will help me grow in knowledge and passion. I know my heart is in making a difference for people who know pain. I’m excited to be at a point in my life where an experience like this is possible and there is so much potential for change and for me to discover more direction in how to serve the world.”

DarylDaryl Haines (18)

“Cultural experience is going to be very important to me. I’m really hoping to form relationships with people from a different culture and meeting inspirational people who are doing things to help those in need.”

EllaElla Haines (20)

“Living in Malawi has made me want to experience different cultures and India has appealed to me for a long time. In Malawi, I really enjoyed my volunteer work with children and I am keen to continue it with Khushi Feet in India.”

EmilyEmily Cook (23)

“Visiting the street school in Kolkata in 2011 was a life-changing experience which inspired me to set up Khushi Feet. Since then, Khushi Feet has been a huge part of my life and the education of street children in Kolkata has been a cause very close to my heart. I am really looking forward to going back out to India to see how our fundraising has been supporting the GNCEM schools.”

GeoffGeoff Cook (older and wiser than the rest of the team… but still young at heart!)

“I’m very much looking forward to visiting our friends in Kolkata again. I’ve been twice before, and it’s been a real privilege to get to know such wonderful people. I’ve seen first hand the impact the street schools make, and I value the connection we have with the work of GNCEM. It will be great to accompany the young people on the team as they travel to Kolkata and encounter the colour, vibrancy and life of such a wonderful place.”

HannahHannah Tumber (23)

“I’m really excited for the opportunity to go to India and experience a different culture. I would like to see what change Khushi Feet has brought about in Kolkata and hope it will be life changing for me also.”

HelenaHelena Martin (17)

“I wanted to come on the Kolkata trip to experience a completely different culture. I really like experiencing different ways of living and exploring different countries. I hope this trip will help me understand the difficulties people in the developing world experience and develop empathy and understanding of how we can help. It will be very beneficial to see the things which Khushi Feet has raised money for in the past and how it can further help people.”

JosieJosie Cook (16)

“I am going on this trip to see the good work that Khushi Feet has done and to immerse myself into a culture which will hopefully help me grow as a person.”

LukeLuke Revell (23)

“I have supported Khushi Feet since its creation because I have known it is a good cause on an intellectual and moral level. I hope that this trip will make it personal. I have never directly experienced need in this way. I buy the Big Issue when I can and give loose chance to people on the streets, but I have never seen or known poverty on this scale. I want to see how our support has helped already, what it is doing now and how we can continue to support the education of street children in the future.”

StefanoStefano Gould (18)

“I hope going and seeing the work of the street schools in Kolakta will give me some sort of direction in deciding where I want to go and what I want to do with my life. I also hope that I will get enthusiasm for this kind of work because it’s something which I am considering getting involved with in the future.”