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Faversham Churches Support KF

Khushi Feet has recently been voted the ‘Charity of the Year’ for the Churches Together in Faversham, and this Harvest, Faversham Churches have generously supported Khushi Feet.

On Saturday 26th September, Faversham Baptist Church put on a community Barn Dance, raising £272. This was followed by a Harvest offering at Faversham Gospel Mission’s annual Harvest service on Sunday 4th October. £300 was collected. We have also had a generous gift from the Parish of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Among other things, this money will be used to buy food provisions for the starving street children at the GNCEM street schools in Kokata. At a time of year when we remember how lucky we are to have such a delicious array of foods available to us, it’s wonderful to be able to help the street children in this way.

“Give us today our daily rice”. A huge thank you to the members of both Churches for being the answer to the Indian street children’s prayer.