Footsteps To The Finish Line

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Footsteps To The Finish Line

Earlier this year, Mark Grainger took on a huge challenge for Khushi Feet and ran the London Marathon (in 4 hours and 57 minutes). The running bug seems to be spreading . . .

Mark has persuaded his wife Zoe (who is also a recently appointed Khushi Feet trustee) to run the Canterbury Half Marathon with him. The Half Marathon takes place on Monday 31st August 2015 (August Bank Holiday Monday). With her training now well under way, Zoe says: “It’s taken me a while to build up my stamina and to date I’ve made it as far as 6 miles without slowing to walk. However, I can now breathe and move at the same time so that’s progress – plus the local teenagers have stopped jeering at me!”

In taking on this Half Marathon, Zoe has two ambitious goals: firstly to complete the race without sustaining any permanent bodily harm, and secondly to meet (or even exceed!) her and Mark’s personal fundraising goal of £250 for Khushi Feet.

Working at a school in Sittingbourne reminds Zoe of how fortunate we are in the UK to be able to teach, support and nurture children and young people in a safe and outstanding environment. She and Mark and both passionate about helping the street children of Kolkata safely access a vital education.

With your support and donations, Zoe and Mark’s footsteps to the finish line will become footsteps to freedom for even more street children in Kolkata.

You can support Zoe by visiting her Virgin Money page.