Three Years! £50,000!

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Three Years! £50,000!

Today is Khushi Feet’s third birthday! Happy birthday to us!

This means we have now been fundraising for three years . . . and what an exciting three years they have been. From our first damp festival weekend in 2012 to 1,500 people Bollywood dancing in the sun; cycling to Kolkata (virtually) to our Gala Dinner with a whole host of special guests.

Thanks to massive support from hundreds of people we have managed to do some fabulously innovative and fun fundraising. Since 2012 we have sent over £50,000 to the GNCEM street schools in Kolkata. This money has been used to buy resources for the children at the street schools including food supplies, clothes and towels, educational materials, books, medicine and sanitary products.

Our fundraising has also contributed to the building of an extension to the GNCEM school in Daspara and provided a new school bus for the Hatibagan mobile school. With your support, we are helping to improve the lives of children living on the streets of Kolkata. A huge thank you to all who have taken part in Khushi events and donated towards our appeals. You are all stars!