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Registered Groups

Things are hotting up in preparation for Khushi Does Bollywood. In addition to all those who have registered as individuals, there are many groups represented.

School groups so far include: St Mary of Charity Church of England Primary School,  Bysing Wood Primary School, Ethelbert Road Primary School, The Abbey School, Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School (all of Faversham) and Kent College, Canterbury. Leading the way with most signed up so far is Ethelbert Road (Primary) and the Abbey School (Secondary).

Dance and theatre groups include: Leigh Miles Dance & ZUMBA Fitness, The Anderson School of Dance, Reactive Dance, Kent Touch This and Stage Antics.

Other groups include Sainsburys, The Cleaning Fairies, Ex Libris reading group, Faversham Baptist Church and St Mary’s Church.

And where are all the pubs? Special mention (as it’s the only one so far) to The Old Wine Vaults.

There’s still plenty of time to register, and you can choose your group from the drop down list if you want (or add your group if it’s not yet represented). Registration is free, and although it isn’t compulsory, it does help us to organise things and potentially helps you beat the queues on the day.

It’s also great to see which groups are doing the best at recruiting their team of dancers!