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On Saturday 29th June 2013 Khushi Feet will be attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the largest Bollywood dance and we need YOU to take part. Find out more.

Pre-registration has now closed. However, you can still come! You will be able to register at the event.

Click here for full Event Information and Timings.

Breaking news: Michael Jackson’s associate producer and dancer Alif Sankey is coming to Khushi Does Bollywood!

What are you doing?

Virtually 'Cycling to Kolkata' by encouraging people, wherever they are, to ride their bikes and add their miles completed to our grand total. We are also encouraging riders to ask for sponsors, with a suggested aim of £1 per mile cycled.

Why are you doing this?

We are raising money to support schools for street children in Kolkata.
Read more about our work here.

When is this happening?

The project is launched on Friday 14 March and will run until at least the end of May.

So you’re not actually cycling to Kolkata?

No, we are adding together the miles covered by any rides, young and old, recreational or serious, anywhere in the world, who wants to join in. That way we hope to cover the distance between Faversham (where our charity is based) and Kolkata (where the schools for street children are).

How far is it to Kolkata?

Google says it's 6208 miles by road. It's a long way. Can we do it? If you help, YES!

Why should I help?

It's fun. It's for a great cause. It will be a fantastic achievement for all of us if we manage it. You might get fit(ter)!

How do I join in?

You can cycle as little or as much as you like. You can team up with a group of friends or do it on your own. Whatever you fancy! Just let us know you are doing it, download a sponsor form and plan your ride. All the information you need to get started can be found on our On Your Bikes page.

How do I use Virgin Giving?

Using Virgin Giving is a great way to encourage people to sponsor you, and it makes it easy for you to get the money you've raised to us:

On the Start Fundraising page choose cycling as your challenge, fill in your location and the date you will be riding. Where it says: Are you fundraising on your own or with other people? click 'Just me', then click 'Next'.

Under 'Charity's name' please search for Khushi Feet. One of the search results should look like this:

That's us! Please select it. Fill in the rest of the page and click 'Next'.

If you are not registered with Virgin giving you will need to do so now. Follow the instructions (it's easy). If you are already registered, click 'I'm already registered' and away you go!

Anything else?

We're interested to see who can cycle the most miles and raise the most money. We're hoping to attract riders from different parts of the UK and other countries around the world. We'd love to hear stories and see photos of your efforts. All progress can be tracked on our Cycle to Kolkata Dashboard.

Khushi Says . . .

Khushi says: 'Let's be careful out there!"
  • wear some kind of protective hat and appropriate clothing
  • we're not responsible if you ride like a fool or sustain injury
  • remember the Highway Code (or whatever rules of the road your country abides by)
  • it's not a race - we want to "arrive" in Kolkata as a team
  • ride safely (like Khushi said before)