Bonfire of the Insanities Dinner Menu

Starter for all

Nargis Kofta (Moonlanders) on a bed of salad

Indian main meal

Meat option

Moghulai Chicken
– A rich dish with pieces of chicken cooked with cinnamon, coriander and cumin, and thickened with ground almonds, cashew nuts and melon seeds

Vegetarian option

Vegetable Saag Subzee
– Mixed vegetables in a spinach sauce

Both served with Aubergine Pachadi and a simple pilau rice

European main meal

Meat option

Chicken with paprika and rosemary and cannellini beans
– Chicken braised with beans, herbs and tomatoes

Vegetarian option

Mixed bean casserole
– Carrots, leeks and mushrooms cooked with mixed white beans and tomato

Both served with a simple pilau rice


Specially created for us by Chetna Makan